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DrexBond Adhesive For Uncoupling Membrane 3.78 L ( 1Gal )

DrexBond Adhesive For Uncoupling Membrane 3.78 L ( 1Gal )

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Trowel Included

DrexBond is a high-performance synthetic-latex adhesive formulated for bonding fleeced back uncoupling membrane over underlayment plywood, particles boards (OSB), cement-based underlayment, cure concrete slab.

PREPARATION: Ready-to-use. No thinning necessary. Surface must be structurally sound, linear, clean, dry and free of contaminants. Materials must be acclimatized at room temperature 24 hours before, during, and after the installation. Drexbond must be installed over a subfloor or on a floor that are installed per the Canadian building code, local building code or any industry building codes or requirements. Apply when the ambient and substrate temperature is between 10°C and 35°C and RH not exceeding 65%. Concrete floors must be fully cured and free from moisture and hydrostatic pressure before and after the installation. Refer to membrane manufacturer’s recommendation for detailed installation instructions. Follow all appropriate building code or industry requirements regarding floor structure for the appropriate floor covering. APPLICATION: Lay and pre-fit the membrane in position without adhesive to verify fit. First, using the flat side of the trowel, apply a thin coat of DrexBond on the substrate. Then, using a 3/16’’x3/16”x3/16’’ square notch trowel,  

Only the following uncoupling membranes can be used with Warmbond: Drexmat-TW, Ditra-Heat, Flexbone, Prodesso-Heat, Mapeheat, Strata Mat XT, HeatMatrix, Prova Flex-Heat, DCM-Pro. It is important to read, understand and follow the instructions of the uncoupling membrane you will use for the installation.

COVERAGE: (50 - 60 / gallon) Porous materials may require more adhesive.

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